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West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!

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Using Food to Engage Your Dog

There is an old saying that when a dog is tired, he is either a happy or a good dog. You must engage your dog in as much physical activity as possible to make your dog tired. Many kinds of research show that there are many ways to tire your dog and reduce their boredom. One of the ways to tire your dog is by using food to engage your dog.

Regardless of your dog’s size, age, activities, or breed, dogs are very fond of foods. So, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. To make them engage strategically, you can use delicious foods and yummy dinners. It will not only boost their mental health but also elevate their emotional mindset. It will also keep them in good physical shape.

A dog’s feelings are indeed attached to food. But the food that is useful for their body is also helpful for their mind. So, many professional dog trainers have discovered various approaches to utilize food to draw your dog. In this way, they will also appreciate living a happy life with you. Below are some strategies that will make your dog stay engaged.

Try to feed your dogs in a separate room

Use visual impeding barriers like putting every food bowl on the floor on opposite sides of the kitchen area. It is to prevent your dogs from seeing or glaring at each other as they eat. If your dog becomes stressed and eats quickly, then the food will not get digested properly. 

Be a personal chef for your dog

For exceptional events, like anniversaries for adoption or birthday celebrations, try to wear your apron and treat your dog with a homemade feast or treats. Also, let your dog inside your kitchen while you prepare the meal. Check with your veterinarian first regarding the recipes that are safe and essential for your dog. Better choose his favorite food that will make your dog happy. Be sure to avoid ingredients like chocolates, yeast dough, grapes, raisins, and macadamia nuts. Anything that includes xylitol is harmful to dogs.

Reduce nervousness by rehearsing mealtime flexibility

You must keep in mind that your dog becomes anxious if you are late to serve his meal. If you give him food immediately after waking him up, then he will get used to it. Try to wait for some time before waking him up. It will help him not to get used to instant feeding after making him wake up so early. Same during dinner time, give him food at least within one or two hours. If there is an up and down in his mealtime, he will get less anxious.

Test your dog’s abilities

Try to play with your dog. Place a treat in one of four cups lining up. Shuffle them and let your dog find out the hidden treat. Do not make it difficult or they will become frustrating.

Make them rest and relax

Offer your dog a treat that will make them relax like natural calming chews. Even when you are not at home, it will alleviate the barking issues, and your neighbors will not get disturbed.

Release your dog’s inward hunter abilities 

The nose is one of the essential hunting tools for dogs. You can try hiding a piece of meat in any spot that is easy to find and tell your dog to find it. You can play the name game also. It is easy to do when you are watching television or cooking dinner and your dog is hanging out with you. After he gets the smell, he will find and eat it immediately. Repeat this and try to increase the distance and location gradually. Your dog may have to find it hard to get his treat. Remember, dogs like to solve problems, especially when there is food as a reward.

Boost their confidence with alone time

During quarantine, your dog did not get the time to spend alone. Let him play in a separate room with safe chews or treat puzzles. It will keep them distracted from all noises in the house. Note that you are only teaching your dog to be independent during their mealtime. It teaches them that they do not need constant attention from you to feel protected and secured.

Make low-calorie meals for your dog

Be sure not to make too many meals for your dog, or it may cause serious health problems. Choose meals that are low in calories and high in nutrition. It will help your dog to prevent obesity. You may also go to veterinary nutritionists that will provide you with a boost in the flavor of dog food, and at the same time, it will be healthy for your dog.

Thus, making your dog engage with food keeps them physically satiated and mentally engaged. That is the least we can do to reimburse the huge lavishness they add to our lives every day.