West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!

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Pet Food of the Month – February/March 2018

Dog and cat playing together.

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Wholesome Blend Grain Free Dog and Cat Food.

The Wholesome Blend Nutritional Philosophy

Integrity, Transparency & Value – The manufacturing facility of Wholesome Blend pet food produces the very best products – guaranteed.

They manufacture all their products from the highest quality raw materials – you cannot buy better ingredients!

Located in St Marys, Ontario, in the middle of Ontario’s Agricultural Belt, they are ideally located for local ingredient sourcing and distribution throughout Canada and USA.

Their on-going supplier approval and raw material program evaluate incoming ingredients for a variety of quality safety and nutritional aspects. Ingredients that do not meet these stringent guidelines are rejected, ensuring only the best goes in the bag.

  • Dedicated pet food nutritionist on-site
  • On-site Analytical Facilities & an accredited corporate Center of Excellence for testing
  • HACCP certified Quality Assurance program
  • CFIA audited quarterly with “A” rating
  • USDA / APHIS Compliant to the USA
  • Nutrace® – Intense incoming ingredient testing protocols

WHOLESOME Blend® – Grain Free

Unique formulas that are completely balanced using Low Glycemic Index Peas, Moderate Protein & Fat, suitable for ALL LIFE STAGES to provide holistic nutrition for pets.

  • Complete and balanced GRAIN FREE diets, providing moderate levels of protein and fat to encourage healthy weight. Provides complete and balanced nutrition for ALL LIFE STAGES – from puppy through adulthood.
  • Wholesome Blend Grain Free HYPOALLERGENIC Surf Formula provides a single protein, no grain formula that is ideally suited to sensitive pets with allergies to the more common feed ingredients.
  • A complete family of grain free formulas also features ANGUS RED MEAT TURF formula for dogs, and CHICKEN, TURKEY & DUCK diets for dogs and for cats.

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