West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!

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Pet Food of the Month – NutriSource Dog and Cat Food

Nutrisource brand dog and cat food at Chow Hound Pet Supplies

Pet Food of the Month SAVINGS!

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NutriSource Dog and Cat Food and Dog Treats


Good Food Feeds a Pet. Great Food Nourishes Your Pet’s Whole Body.

You work tirelessly to keep your pet healthy and happy and choosing the right food is fundamental to ensuring that. Not just any food will do but with so many choices, picking the best food for your pet can be a difficult decision. 

When formulating Nutrisource products they carefully consider every ingredient. They’re particular about suppliers so they can guarantee that their raw ingredients will pass very stringent testing. They are equally conscientious about how their food is made so they manufacturer their own kibble in a state of the art AIB certified facility utilizing the most consummate quality control standards. They also mill their own legumes and grains, grind their own meats and cook under 200 degrees to maximize nutrition. All these efforts result in nutrient dense recipes that maximize bio-availability.

More Nutrition

Less Food, Less Money, Less Waste.



The percentage of nutrients – the good stuff in food – ‘available’ for your pet’s digestive system to convert into a robust body, strong bones, and shining coat.

They don’t stop there…  

Conscientious manufacturing, using the very best ingredients is just the beginning. They also add a revolutionary supplement system called Good 4 Life® that will benefit your pets no matter their level of health. This proprietary blend of ingredients work together to repair and promote gut health-often improving health within the first feeding.

At the core of every healthy being is a strong immune system and in a word, Good 4 Life represents immunity. With a focus on good gut health, Good 4 Life works to ensure your pets’ health and longevity. Gut health and proper immune function are inextricably linked. Disease begins in the gut. Conversely, so does good health. Good 4 Life supports proper absorption of the nutrients that matter while assuring the pets’ body is adequately prepared to defend itself against infection and disease. Their foods work from the inside out to provide perfect end results.

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