West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!

Lost and Found

Our friends at the Humane Society of West Michigan, Harbor Humane Society and Muskegon Humane Society guide* us on what you can do when you discover your pet is missing:

We strongly recommend having your dog microchipped! Microchipping makes it so much easier for vets or rescue organizations to reconnect your lost pet with you. Some places you can have your pet microchipped include:

It’s important for you to take action immediately if your pet is missing! Shelters are only required to keep lost animals for a short time before adopting them out:

      • Without identification – four days
      • With identification – seven days

If your pet is missing, here is what we recommend you do:

      • Post a photo and information online at the Facebook pages of local organizations like Chow Hound Pet Supplies, For the Love of Louie, Humane Society of West Michigan, Harbor Humane and/or Muskegon Humane.
      • If your neighborhood has a local Nextdoor.com organized post a missing pet listing.
      • Put a “lost” ad online on Craig’s List.
      • Go to the Humane Society of West Michigan, Harbor Humane Society, Muskegon Humane Society or Kalamazoo County Animal Shelter to file a lost report. If this is not immediately possible, call (616) 453-8900 ext. 216 (HSWM), 616-399-2119 (HHS), (231) 773-8689 (MHS) or (269) 383-8775 (KCAS) to file a report over the phone.
      • Go to the Kent County Animal Shelter (740 Fuller Ave. NE, near the County Jail). If this is not immediately possible, call (616) 632-7300.
      • Continue going to both organizations as often as possible. This is especially important if your pet is a cross-breed and thus difficult to describe. Although we try our best to screen all animals that come to them, the owner is the best identification resource.
      • If you live near the county line, visit the shelter or the animal control facility in the neighboring county as well.
      • Check neighbor’s yards, both front and back. If you’ve lost a cat, ask neighbors to check their basements, garages, and cars.
      • Talk to as many people as possible. Ask if they have seen your pet. Let them know that you are concerned.
      • Search for your pet especially in the early morning hours (3 a.m. – 5 a.m.) when it is quiet. Your pet may be able to hear you calling and you may be able to hear their sounds or movement.
      • Set up a temporary comfort station (provide a bed, food, and water) near your home to encourage your pet to stay in the area if he or she returns while you are gone.
      • Alert your postal carrier.
      • Put a “Lost” ad in area newspapers.
      • Distribute posters that include a description of your pet, where he or she was lost, your phone number, a photo of the animal, and a reward.
      • Check the “Lost and Found” section of area newspapers every day.
      • Check your neighborhood veterinary clinics, in the event your injured pet was taken to one of them.
      • You can also register your pet at Lost Pet U.S.A. Once registered your pet’s information will be added to a national zip code database.
      • Check those agencies nearest you which pick up dead animals:
        • Grand Rapids Refuse Dept.: (616) 456-3239 (covers all City of Grand Rapids streets)
        • Grandville: (616) 538-1990
        • Kentwood: (616) 698-6580 or (616) 696-9610
        • Lowell: (616) 897-8541 or (616) 897-5929
        • East Grand Rapids: (616) 949-2110 ext. 205
        • Rockford: (616) 451-2724
        • Sparta: (616) 887-7331
        • Walker: (616) 453-6311
        • Wyoming: (616) 530-7260
        • Cedar Springs: (616) 696-1330
        • Kalamazoo County Animal Shelter: (269) 383-8775

*(content re-purposed from hswetmi.org)