West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!

New Cat Care Tips

Congratulations on your new pet! Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need to start out:

DRY FOOD  Try Wholesome Blend, Naturally Fresh or California Natural for life-long health and nutrition.

WET FOOD  To provide added nutrition and moisture for urinary tract health.

FOOD & WATER BOWLS  Try stainless for easy cleaning. Check out our filtered water fountains!

FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER  To keep the food dry and fresh. Don’t forget a food scoop!

CAT LITTER  Try Probiotic litter for superior clumping and odor absorption.

LITTER PAN & SCOOP  Covered pans work best to prevent spills and filter out odors.

LITTER PAN LINERS  For easy litter changing and cleanliness.

SCRATCH POSTS  Protect your furniture by providing carpeted scratch posts and climbing furniture.

CARRIER OR TRAVEL KENNEL  For a safe place to reduce stress while traveling.

CAT BED  For a warm and cozy place to sleep and relax.

COLLAR OR HARNESS  Give your cat some style with tons of different patterns!

ID TAGS  Available at the counter. Include your phone number in case your pet gets lost.

TOYS  Try teaser wands, furry mice, re-fillable catnip toys and many others for variety and fun!

TREATS  Try Smart & Tasty dental cat treats for fresh breath and clean teeth.

CATNIP  Your cat will go crazy with loose catnip or refillable catnip toys!

STAIN & ODOR REMOVER  Try Bissell Pawsitively clean to clean-up unwanted marking.

ORAL CARE KIT  Clean teeth keep breath fresh and prevent expensive vet visits.

GROOMING BRUSH  Reduce shedding and keep your cat’s coat looking vibrant.

NAIL TRIMMER  Try Safari nail trimmers to keep nails trimmed and comfortable.

FLEA & TICK PREVENTION  Try Advantage products for year-round prevention.

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