West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!
West Michigan born and raised since 1989!

Best Dog Breeds for Running

Dogs can make some of the best running buddies. They are great at keeping pace and always ready to go. However, not all dogs are cut-out to hit the pavement or trails.

Below are 12 of the best breeds to consider when looking for a four-legged running mate.

1.        Labrador Retriever- Known as a sporting breed, this friendly, active, outgoing pup is the perfect sprinter or distance running companion. Labs are willing to put in the work to get the results, but only if the owner is as well.

2.       Jack Russel Terrier- Enthusiastic and lively are just a few adjectives for this small active breed. Being natural hunters, they’re always ready for a chase. You will have to work with your Jack Russell to run beside you, and not after a squirrel…or your run could quickly change to a pursuit.

3.       Dalmatian- This spotted beauty is the ideal companion for that long steady run. Dalmatians love their exercise almost as much as they love their owners. Originally bred to run along horses, this front runner will keep you on pace to a PR.

4.       German Shepherd- Enthusiasm and strong, the German Shepherd is the ideal running partner. Bred to be a working dog, this intelligent and loyal canine is able to keep the pace with anyone, they are eager to please.

5.       Border Collie- Considered one of the most intelligent breeds, Border Collies love to have a job. Being a herding dog by nature, they are agile runners and can adjust to type of run and terrains. Their double coat keeps them insulated in both hot and cold temperatures. Though keep in mind that collie’s with black coats are more susceptible to overheating in the sun.

6.       Weimaraner- This high energetic breed makes an ideal running pal. Let’s face it, Weimaraners need an abundance of exercise and mental stimulation which running provides. Perfect for trails or long and steady runs, they’re always ready to hit the pavement.

7.       Siberian Husky- Lover of all activities, this athletic quick footed furball has fantastic endurance. No need to stop and give them breaks, they are equipped with a desirable endurance. They don’t even mind running in the cold.

8.       Pit Bull- This low to the ground muscular meathead makes a great running mate for the brisk short runs. While they add a nice layer of protection, you will have to work with them on pulling the leash.

9.       Poodle- Don’t judge this breed based on looks. While a poodle can be a lady in the house, they can also be an athlete in the streets. With a higher energy side, poodles make the perfect companion for a short or steady run.

10.   Vizsla- The best breed for the elite of runners. Their super-athleticism and amazing stamina make them the ideal friend for speed, endurance, obstacles, and even jumping courses. It is suggested that this breed gets at least an hour of exercise every day, so they will definitely keep you consistent on your running game.

11.   Australian Shepherds- This quick and agile runner is one of the most reliable running companions you can count on! Always looking for an adventure, they excel on a trail with obstacles, or can adapt to just about any running conditions. They’re just excited to spend time outside.

12.   Mixed Breed- Some of the best dogs and running breeds are the dogs that we don’t know their pedigrees. Mix breeds tend to have less hereditary health issues than a purebred. Best way to gage if your mixed breed would make a good running buddy is evaluating their energy and trainability. 

As always, you should ease any dog into a running program. Keep them on a leash, pack water for them, and please make sure to clean up after them if they have an accident on the course.